Sunday, May 2, 2010

May Second

Evening draws near. The day almost done...rain has filled the air with the smell of grass and wood and the last of the lilacs. Air so heavy; condensation ripples down my wineglass...pools on the desk. Dark liquid reflecting the glimmer of merlot. Quiet. My skin damp, kissed by the mist from the window. I can taste him.

May Second. The day everything changed.

First, rewinding....

A summer's night, warm and lovely. A sundress of lace and colors lush...draped over garden tanned shoulders...hours spent thinking, wondering. I had softened my hands with jasmine oil, my pulse fast and slick with anticipation. I glanced up through the restaurant heart paused.


He "never shared his food"... (soft smile) but I switched our plates of crab-stuffed lobster and succulent blackened salmon when he was picking out the second bottle of wine....and he smiled. We ate. I licked the butter from my fingers as his eyes burned into mine.

A month later.

Why does this feel like recognition..........not discovery?

Souls entwined like morning dreams


Sheer threads in a tapestry of color

Is it possible?

This wave of emotion

Threatening to sweep me out to sea

How amazing

To drown and soar in the same moment.

How many of us have hesitated...frightened to take the leap that crippled us the first time. Years pass....and trust grew. The slowest of seedlings. Gentle hands, whispered promises. Dawn, wrapped in one blanket, my head on his chest. New beginnings. Honor. Commitment.

May second.

Dusk. Ivy twined with crystal lights....draped across the mantle, the windows. An ocean of candlelight. Warm breezes caressed my back. White sundress, bare feet.

"I do."

He calls me Butterfly.


Therese said...

So beautiful. And this is why I love coming here.
Your writing awakens all senses. Thank you.

Wow, that was awkward said...

Happy Anniversary!

steelxmagnolia said...

Chantel, your words sensual flow off the page into my mind's eye awakening smell, touch and a glimmer of butterflies deep in my core from new love remembered. Happy anniversary. Cheers!

Blissed-Out Grandma said...

Oh, how nice! Happy anniversary.

Mom et al said...

Beautiful! Happy Anniversary.

Chantel said...

THANK YOU! (huge ear-to-ear grin) Anniversaries are a funny thing, so intimate and personal and yet in the same moment--such a reason to celebrate!

Smooches to you all...

Danielle said...

One lucky man he is! Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

That's beautiful! Thank you for sharing the happiness you found or that which found you.
Many many more years of happiness to both of you.

Ann said...

"Recognition... not discovery."

Absolutely dreamy.

So true.

Continue on your dreamy path. It's good. Happy Anniversary!

Dina said...

You are phenomenal, Chantel. I love resting here. Thank you for writing.Happy Anniversary!

Lola Sharp said...

Happy Anniversary!!

It's nice to 'hear' you happy again. :)

Beautifully written, love.

Helen said...

May 2nd was my 18th Anniversary with The One for Me. A second marriage for both of us. Against all odds. Only death will part us.