Thursday, October 6, 2016

The days pass and the clocks tick and it's a new......Season.

Sometimes I feel as if the sky is another shade of blue than before...but I fear it is I that has changed, not the sky.  I'm not exactly sure how to pick up where I left off here - how does one play 'catch-up' and attempt to describe the color of the sky? 

I resigned from my job.

A week later one of my clients shot his girlfriend in the head. 

I made up my mind not to wait for permission or time or the right moment, but to finish some of my dreams.  I'm painting again.  And I've spent late nights and later midnights and even some very early before-dawns....and this happened. (my head is still spinning - please take a look, feedback?)

Some of it is here, some not.  Parts and bits and the sinews that knit my soul together. 

I'm at loose ends, looking to begin once more.  I may stumble some, and trip over stones and roots and the dark lumps that sneak up on us all in the twilight that hovers before the day....but I am determined to write my future, as much as live it. 

I will be back...please, what have you been up to??