Sunday, March 13, 2016


The lilac trees in the neighbor’s yard are tipped with soft green….I feel as if I’m holding my breath.  Although, if truth be told, I’ve felt this way for months now.  Last year didn’t end with confidence.  I’ve just reread that sentence four times.  Its simplicity somehow is satisfying while it falls chasms short of describing those months.  There are moments in life that absolutely have no words.

I don’t believe I could live in a climate that didn’t have seasons like this part of the world – for the sheer and basic reality of emotional stability.  Every year Summer’s igneous heat pummels the grass of our yard to a faded yellow pulp; and then Autumn arrives with her glorious cloak of nutmeg and ocher leaves that scatter in the smoke-scented wind.  My soul soars those months.
The frost appears, tracing icy lace along my windows, reminding me to pull out the sweaters and Christmas garland.  The holidays are magic; twined with music and mulled wine and the glitter of starlight on snow….and then Winter creeps in.  I swear he steals beneath the trees when we sleep, his claws so hard and dark and cold.  The air burns just to breathe.  The slush and grit of winter invade me; cling to my feet and drag upon my soul…and then the lilacs bud.
Life has such seasons.  I’m rather tired of winters. 
Have you ever had a dream that when you awoke, you didn’t know whether to be relieved or sad?  I am in such need of Spring that I fear I am reckless this year.  I’ve torn the plastic from the kitchen window already….there are hyacinths on my dining room table.  I’ve painted my toenails.  Please Lord, let Spring be near.  I fear my heart cannot keep up this mad pulse without sunlight and warmth.
Hope is a season.  A spring renewed that is astonishing in its ability to reappear after the dark.  When the storms have passed and the wreckage is left, how amazing are the glimmers of green that forever persevere between the fragments of our humanity. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Shadows and Seeds and Thoughts on a Rainy Day

Sometimes I park on the street behind my office.  The ancient church that spans the block beside us clangs the hours as they pass, stained glass vibrating with the resonance of time.  There is a sidewalk there that I traverse; concrete and nature collide beneath oak and maple boughs.

Today was filled with rain.  Skies grey and damp sluiced the world with autumn's wet embrace.  Have you seen the shadows yet?  Ghosted leaves along the cement, the tannins of life leached out as decay breaks down the cellular walls that gave summer its emerald hue.  The essence of fall bleeds for a time, leaf stains that paint the world in shades of bronze and rust.

I wonder, as life is both light and simultaneously I the same?

The glow of youth glimmers in jade and sage that slowly burns into amber scarlet flames.  Months pass and summer wans and ochre shadows now lay along the stony walk.  Eventually they will be washed away by the heavens, sifting to soil and sand...the remnant becoming the seed of next year.