Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Embrace It

It's getting colder. Actually, after that week in the "islands mon" it's like freezin'-my-butt-why-in-the-hell-did-we-come-back?? cold. It's only the first week in September and I'm ready to break out the mattress pad warmer and flannel sheets! Crap, I slept with socks on. However, it comes to mind....I wasn't always like this.

There was a time, in a land far away--YEARS ago....when I loved the cold. Kid you not. I raced from the house with my hair flying in the wind, yelling over my shoulder, "COAT?? MOM I DON'T NEED A COAT!!" There could be snow drifting from the heavens and we'd be traipsing about the neighborhood, driving with the windows down, icy flakes melting on my cheeks... Of course, I was like 15....and hard-headed, stubborn, (moi?) and had yet to discover that I was not immortal. (still working on that one) Cold smold, what was the big deal? Run a little faster, dance instead of stand in line, laugh when you feel like you might shiver--cold had no hold over me!! Ahhhh.......and now I sit here bundled in a 3 inch thick sweater and nursing a cup of steaming tea. And I wonder...did my skin get thinner? My nerves more sensitive? I mean I sure as hell am not skinnier! And it comes to it just that when I was fifteen and stupid--that I embraced it? I relished it! With arms wide open I flung myself into the chilly world, savoring the icy clench my breath made in my chest. And now thoughts of gas bills, head colds, snotty tissues, and frozen pipes leave, cold?

What else have I forgotten or lost the ability to embrace? Friendship for sure. After 7 years in a marriage that was rather a fraud--not to mention the relationships that went with it that vaporized as soon as the divorce was granted--I no longer assume that everyone is what they seem. I share little....listen alot....and wait. Headlong plunges into friendship are a thing of the past. (my husband has actually found me in the coat closet at church pretending to read the bulletin during "meet and greet time") Remember when you first saw the new girl at the bus stop? Buckteeth, zit on the chin, wrinkled denim jacket with "friendship pins" on your shoes--the two of you were inseparable by the time the bus arrived at school! Oh, to be able to trust like that again.

Then again--perhaps I have just exchanged "embracing abilities." When I think of my freakazoid 15 year-old self with the bad perm and ocean blue eyeshadow--I also remember hating all food that wasn't served on a bun. I had serious issues with my parents "mus-aaack" (gag, choke), and I only wanted Niki's. Now? I adore food--and the stranger more authentic it is--the better. Bring on the sushi, roasted goat, polish, russian, greek, pad my thai baby! Music? Everything goes. I love jazz and blues, will rock my ass off to anything from tool to garbage, yet have the classical station tuned in on the shower radio and can sing more dolly and alabama than I will ever admit in person. And fashion? I know what I like. I hate labels....and if it looks good--buy it. (and if you can find it at the good will--you can buy MORE of it!) lol

Funny how we change. I still hate the cold. I'm making soup tonight. And buying whiskey. I think I will also try harder to make new friends. Seriously, if I will embrace a plate of stewed pig with figs and funky cheese...I can say hi to the bizarre lady at church who wears bird pins and has pink hair.

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Nicole said...

Oh, I feel ya sister. How I loved the snow, I still love the snow, but from the window inside my warm house. I will bundle up to go outside and sweep the walk right quick, but that's pretty much where it ends. I think I would feel differently if we still got like 2 feet once or twice a year like we did when I was a kid (godamn ozone b.s.!) but this ridiculous 3 months of bitter cold bullshit, with no snow, just ice, ice, and more ice, and frigidness, totally for the birds.
Oh, and the friends...I often feel this way too. My "original" friends as I call them, all seem to have disappeared along with the piece of shit ex I booted to the curb 10 years ago, so it's been me and the man (who I admittedly have way too much dependence on to be one of my "girlfriends, lol) for the most part. I was lucky enough to wiggle my way into his sister's close-knit group, but in a strange way, even though I love these girls always somehow feels like I'm a bit of an outsider...if that makes sense. I know it's just me, they certainly don't make me feel like that, but you get it, right? To make an extrememly long comment short (ok, not really!!) You, my love, are one of my true friends, that I earned on my own damn merit, not through a man, not through family, just me. And I love that!! So although I may let too much time pass between us seeing each other(again, the pathetic dependence on the man, lol) know how much I love ya, and that you've put a foot print on my heart, and I think of you damn near every day...whether it's by my begging you to come work with me, or even just hoping you posted something new and cool for me to read and smile about. On that note, let's vow not to wait so damn long in between grabbing lunch, and/or a drink from now on. And now, I officially won the longest post ever on "Life Unexpectedly" contest. Send my trophy whenever you have time.