Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Murder of Magnificent

Inspirational poetry gone awry.  Sentiment with snarkish undertones, apathy all dressed up and parading about as if queen for the day....

Have you ever popped a chocolate into your mouth, your tongue wrapping about its deliciousness; explosions of velvety goodness and then..."Spitoo-ey!"  Gag, gasp!  "What in the hell was in the center?! Tasted like MOUSE CRAP!" 

Death to generic chocolates.  And all pretenders.

I despise pretenders.  Charlatans and frauds...contemptible.  I've actually raised my arm over my head casually during a dinner party and when asked why, I replied, "Savin' the's gettin' a little deep in here." (thank you mom for that southern gem)

And simply the worst of impostors are the ones that cover themselves in glitter and preen....gag me.

Thus my response to a recent blurb on a facebook page I came across.  "I've flown and crashed, lost and won, I've learned my lessons and if you don't like who I am, then you can kiss my ass!"

I was all on board....yes, yes, and then....the flip of the hair and bob of the head and there was probably a finger wagging.  This 20-something was all "I am who I am and if you don't like it, blah blah blah..."  It's EVERYWHERE!  In my classroom, on the bus, it seems to be permeating the very air we breathe.

When did this happen?  When did our arrogance surmount our potential?

There was actually a time when self-improvement was a life-long endeavor.  When learning and graciousness were pursued until death--and not just for financial gain or career advancement--but for the simple enrichment of the soul, the enhancement of the experience....just to be...more.  Becoming a better cook, learning a language, reigning in a sharp temper, practicing patience.....being open to differences and beauty.  Self control.

Living was a privilege then, cherished.  Our technological advancements have eliminated so many diseases, sterilized our wars, isolated us behind screens.  We've become enamored with our own opinions.  We've forgotten that this life is not to be wasted on repetitious sitcoms, $5 pizzas, and lite beer!  That the soul grows, the spirit blooms....that the potential inside each of us is breathtaking.  The possibility of grace, the miracle of forgiveness.  Kindness and laughter and giving....going without.  Voluntarily. 

The richness of humanity is the ability to change by will, not dictated by need.

And yet, the world is swimming with generic chocolates.  Bridezillas and Springers and the girl at CVS who shoved her way in front of everyone.  Potential so wrapped in layers of arrogance and belligerence that the seed within is suffocating.  The magnificence that could be is choking.

The flames of entitlement are scorching our nation, leaving blackened husks where loveliness should have been. 

"I am what I am..."

...but you could have been so much more.



Out on the prairie said...

I spent a day inBelgium just to eat the good chocolates. I like the saving my watch quote, I will have to use it.

Mom et al said...

Unrealized and disregarded potential. I struggle with this much more than I like to admit. I agree with so much of this except for the glitter. I fancy myself a playful sprite when I wear glitter. :)

Elizabeth said...

This is so true. The world is swimming with potential but so much is wasted. Great post.
I found you in a blog hop. Would love it if you could return the follow love. Thanks! :)

Mary: said...

Oh, so true. I think I'll comment on my blog in response.
Thanks so much for this post!
Besos de Astorga, Spain
ps - *laughing* I thought snark was my word.
Now I know we're soul mates!

Chantel said...

Prairie--my mum was brilliant. Another favorite: "he couldn't pour piss out of a boot if the directions were on the heel." lol

Maria--I bet you are STUNNING in glitter! Wear it often--for your heart is true. :)

Elizabeth--thank you!

Mary--Ha! I knew it! (chuckle) I love the way you make me pause...and look again. Such beauty...

Mel Heth said...

Your writing is incredible. I found your blog through a post Mandy shared on Facebook and I'm so happy I clicked it! You have a new follower. And I agree, there is something awry - with the younger generation especially. The entitlement and seeming sense that others' opinions don't matter. They should be reading this blog...

Chantel said...

Mel--thank you. I want to weep and rage and somehow communicate that life is so.....FULL. So amazing. To waste waste. Can we inspire? Can we help? I won't stop saying what is in my heart...