Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Quickie Lessons

1. Check the laundry. Children leave legos and crayons in their pockets. Visiting Grammas leave poise.
Both f-up the washer.

2. Celery is from hell. If you're at a Christmas party and they have celery on the table....leave. Go next door where they have brie baked in puff pasty layered with butter next to "taco dip", thousand calorie eggnog, and cookies named "fluff my ass."

3. I am damn old. One weekend...two parties. (fri & sat eves....um...yeah, I mean a.m.'s) Christmas shopping in between. Sunday I couldn't MOVE. I ate crackers. O.M.G.

4. Rushing to leave the house in a tornado hurry so you don't miss the BOGOs at K-mart means that if by CHANCE you shut the cat in the coat closet for nine hours....you will pay.

5. Spending two hours painting my toenails a provocative slick crimson and braving four inches of snow in my open toed, kick ass heels...totally was worth it when the "party bitch's" husband commented how sexy my feet were.

6. Those of you who were hoping for lessons on having quickies.....oh, I am so going there next.


Laura said...

Love your writing! Love your sense of humor! Good style! Always looking for humor and life on the lighter side! Hey, thanks for your lovely comments by the way.

Chantel said...

Laura--In the midst of holiday crisis...laugh. No matter what--laugh! Life is better with new friends....

Laurnie said...

Hahaha! Im new to your blog, and this post made my morning :)